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Reasons Why SME Should Consider Cloud-Based ERP

Today many companies are considering cloud-based solutions. A large percentage of business are considering using an ERP system to integrate, digitize, and automate their process. With many disadvantages associated with inhouse ERP systems, most of the companies are migrating to cloud solutions. You should consider cloud-based ERP because of the following reasons.

Increased performance is the leading reason to consider cloud-based ERP. If you have an in-house ERP, you will require proper setup and maintenance to the software. If you execute these two tasks wrongly, the performance in your organisation is going to suffer. However, when you are hosting the program on the cloud, the provider is going to ensure that the system is adequately maintained. Consequently, it is going to perform at peak.

There will be significant reductions in the operating cost in the company. You shall be required to purchase software and license, and equipment to support it if you are using an inhouse ERP. Furthermore, you will need to employ qualified IT personal to come and install the program. Handling these costs will be a challenge for the small and medium-sized businesses. Monthly service fee is the only thing that you shall be required to pay when you opt for the cloud-based ERP. Therefore, the total cost of implementing the software will be relatively low. In the situation you implement cloud-based ERP correctly, there is no doubt that expenses in your company will decrease.

Another main reason why you should consider a cloud-based ERP is because you are going to realize increased security. Remember that the ERP system is going to help in the management of the process in your business such as procurement, supply chain management, accounting, project management, and risk management. You need to secure the data from unauthorized users within your company and any intruders. A hosting service provider is going to implement security measures that are going to ensure that all your information is protected around the clock. In additions, clients are a provided with tools to trace those people who are accessing the process’s data.

A client who opts for cloud-based ERP is going to get help from the provider at all the time. For any problem that you have, the provider will provide fast solutions. You need to know that using outdated ERP in your company makes it vulnerable for hacking. However, the cloud provider will make an effort to make sure that your cloud solutions are up to date.

Microsoft Dynamic GP cloud is the most commonly used cloud-based ERP. With the modern cloud technology, you should migrate your existing Dynamics GP environment straight to the cloud. One of the best providers of Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud services is Isolutions.

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