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Women’s Guide to Safety

There are many dangers that women are vulnerable to whether they are inside or outside the home. Thus, women need to take extra measure to ensure that they are safe all the time. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe.

Maintain awareness when you are in public. You wont leave yourself vulnerable if you are very much aware of what is happening around you. Don’t keep on looking at your phone when walking to your car late at night. This impairs your awareness. You will then have little time to react if you meet trouble. Make sure you go straight home and then you will have time on your phone.

If your doorbell is rung past dark, answer it. You can make intruders know that you are home by answering it because if you don’t, then they will think that no one is home and so they attempt to enter in. When your doorbell is rung past dark, also think of calling the police.

Follow your instincts. Don’t help anyone who asks for help if you feel uncomfortable. IT is not your obligation to help anyone. Don’t help but make sure that you walk towards where there are many people.

It is important to keep your doors always locked when you are alone at home. Intruders don’t only come at night; some break homes during the day as well.

There should be a plan of your actions throughout the day. Schedule phone calls with a friend or family members. This will help them know that you are safe. Stick to your plan because it’s when you deviate from the plan that you encounter danger.

If you are in a dangerous situation, running isn’t always an option. When this is the case, you should know self-defense tactics. Although men are generally stronger than women, you will have a fighting chance with self-defense moves. Sign up for a self-defense training course so that you can be prepared in times of trouble.

If you are accosted by someone in public, scream as loud as you can. Others’ attention will be drawn by your scream. You can alert people of your distress by screaming and it will make the bad man flee. Those who hear you scream can come to your rescue.

The use of pepper spray is one way of stopping an individual in his tracks. It can give you time to flee a dangerous situation. So, always bring pepper spray with you.

People don’t get assaulted in crowded areas. Do your best to always be in the public eye. Walking alone in the dark streets at night puts you in danger. Walk in places where there are plenty of people.

When accosted in the streets, run. Run to find another group of people.

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