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Tips to Sell and Do Business in China

When talking about advertisements and marketing in China, things are always difficult especially for foreign businesses. The reason for this is that, China has a totally different set of rules, ecosystem and not to mention, vast different language. Therefore, you will need to forget everything that you know and start from scratch, literally.

Besides, you have to prepare that there is no presence of Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube and no Google. But don’t worry as not all hope is gone since there are several Chinese counterparts for the mentioned sites you can use. It can help big time in your advertising and marketing efforts in the country if you will be able to navigate around these mirrored sites.

Number 1. Baidu – simply speaking, this is the counterpart of Google in China that owns 70 percent of the total market share. Contrary to what people know, Baidu didn’t just copy Google but also, it is using several aspects that Google has. If you try navigating on this site, you may be surprised that both the user experience and user interface are the same with Google.

But due to the reason that it is what being used by its people, you have to make adjustments in learning how to get around with it to promote your brand and products.

Number 2. Sougou – well if Baidu is Google’s counterpart, Sougou will be of Yahoo in regards to market share. On the other hand, Sougou is just a subsidiary of Sohu Inc. that is offering wide varieties of internet products in various parts of the country. The key difference between Baidu and Sougou is the fact that the latter has made partnerships with different social media companies in China similar to WeChat. This is to enable Sougou users to easily search for contents from the said platforms.

Number 3. Qihoo 360 – as a matter of fact, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. was not launched as a search engine as what most people think. Rather, it was primarily selling third party software online for antivirus which later on started selling its own proprietary antivirus products.

But in 2016, that was the time when they have expanded to search engine as so.com and success seems to be in their favor after owning 10.52 percent of market share. But one of their biggest achievements is owning the 2nd most used browser in China, first is Internet Explorer or IE.

Number 4. WeChat – if you do not have WeChat, then you are not marketing in China. It’s basically the most popular and highly used IM app in the country with an active user ranging from 750 million every single day. Paid ads on this app is quite tricky especially if you are a foreign business without having legally registered business in the country.
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